Staff/Commission Members


  • Thomas B. Willis, Jr, President
  • George L. Plumbo, Commissioner
  • Holger Schuster, Commissioner

Planning Commission:

  • Alton Hardee, Chair
  • Matthew Reno, Vice Chair
  • Philip Snyder
  • Betty White, Secretary
  • William Comegys

Finance Committee:

  • Patricia Bowell, Chair
  • James Urquhardt
  • Jo Cunningham

Board of Appeals:

  • Lonnie L. Anthony, Chair
  • John A. Fitzgerald
  • Perry A. Stutman
  • Laura Peregoy, Alternate

Office Staff:

  • J. Mike Bowell, Acting Town Manager
  • Amy W. Moore, Town Clerk and Treasurer
  • Aaron R. Horney, Administrative Assistant

Public Works:

  • Lane Cole, Director
  • Chris Ritch